The War Within: We are destroying o...

It is safe to say that the America we live in now is not the same place is was thirty years ago.  Even back then things were tough, and given the fact...



No more than any other tourist attraction, Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand  certainly has it's share of crime.  When hundreds of thousands of touris...



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The War Within: We are destroying our own country, But Why?

It is safe to say that the America we live in now is not the same place is was thirty years ago.  Even back then things were tough, and given the fact that our economy was so much stronger back then is a sobering indication that things have gotten out of hand in the past thirty years. I live in  the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA , but this country is anything but United.  From overzealous police actions to senseless killings and all of the corruption and dishonesty in our Government, we as Americans aren’t guaranteed the same freedoms and liberties that we have been afforded throughout history.  Never before has the war on drugs, the war on terror and the fight to keep America strong and safe been such a burden and hindrance to our goals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

riot2For the past fifteen years, more specifically since 9/11, the U.S. Gov’t has been operating under a shroud of doubt, secrecy and intimidation.  The U.S. Military has allocated and provided millions of dollars worth of military grade war ready weapons, tanks and technology to State Law Enforcement agencies nationwide. Those agencies have descended on the general public with a reckless and machine-like entitlement, tagging anyone who opposes such blatant disregard for the United States Constitution as a domestic terrorist, gang-member or radical.  When the smoke clears and the assault vehicles are gone, all that is left are scared Americans.  This is not the country that was founded on equality and justice anymore, it is the country where the government is more concerned with making itself  in complete control of our every thought, movement and hope for prosperity.

There are a few facts that we as Americans, even in a general sense, don’t want to acknowledge.  They are the result of years of bad leadership, greed and internal secrecy that our government has thrown over it’s people like a smothering blanket.  We can try to deny them or even ignore them, but the truth is we just can’t escape them no matter how many nations we topple for their oil.

1. The rest of the world (or the countries that matter) no longer fear the endless might of the U.S. Military – Our gov’t has upsized, downsized, resized and restructured our military so much for sake of a dollar that we no longer have the resources to police the planet.

2. There are countries that are literally sitting on their hands waiting for the chance to either invade us, blow us up, or destroy our inner-workings.  They know we are weakening OURSELVES to the point that the task will be easier if they wait just a little longer.pro1

3. The dollar is worth pretty much nothing outside of the United States.  The politicians, lobbyists, shady gov’t contractors and foreign business entities have stolen or swindled all of the value out of the dollar, only to have the gov’t print more useless money to try and curb the slide.

4. Our government has created such a false sense of fear that even they are starting to get frightened of what the state of the Union has become.  From inventing terrorism to the cloud of surveillance that hangs over us all, big brother has become the scary monster in the shadows that everyone is scared to encounter.

5. The crumbling of this country is inevitable if things keep going the way they are going. It will be destroyed from within and it will be our governments fault, though someone or something else will shoulder the blame.

6. The news media, for all of its FOA lawsuits and public grandstanding for rights of free speech, is really just a puppet for the machine.  That puppet will continue to entertain the people while at the same time serving the governments purpose of channeling the hate, fear and confusion to the people.  Those who try to tell the truth will be vilified, and the puppets will continue to change the stories to fit the need of the puppet master.

Every morning when I wake up and walk out into the peacefulness of my backyard for my morning coffee, I say sort of a silent prayer for everyone in this world who is suffering and in pain. Sometimes my mind skips to the Middle East or those third-world countries where children are starving or dying from sickness, but most of the time I just think about my friends, and neighbors and fellow Americans and let it sink in that all of those bad things that are happening around the world are also happening right here where I live. It makes me sad, but then that sadness turns to anger because I know in my heart we are doing it to ourselves.

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No more than any other tourist attraction, Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand  certainly has it’s share of crime.  When hundreds of thousands of tourists converge on a city every Summer there’s bound to be a few bad apples, but they couldn’t possibly spoil the entire bunch. Or could they.

As a lifelong resident of South Carolina and someone who has spent more than his share of Summers partying at the beach, I have to say that on the surface Myrtle Beach looks like a wholesome, family oriented town. But it’s what you don’t see or read in the papers or on the news that should scare the hell out of you. According to some research, there are twelve, yes twelve unsolved missing persons and/murder cases that remain open. Of those twelve, ten have female victims. There has even been talk of a serial killer lurking in the shadows, but that has never been verified by law enforcement.

Shootings that result in death or serious injury are up 137% according to State Crime statistics, and there have been five shooting deaths in 2014 alone. Why am I giving these numbers you ask? It may be because the locals, for fear of losing the millions of tourism dollars, are staunchly supportive of the atmosphere that seems to promote crime and lawlessness. Things are so bad in relation to the “Bike Week” festivities that Gov. Haley has even stepped in to try and get rid of the yearly motorcycle rally altogether. It is a subject that the issue of Race has also become a part of, as the level of lawlessness and crime triple when “Black Bike Week” is held according to a source in the MBPD.  What was once a fringe group has turned into a National week of partying, fights, drugs, prostitution and an all-out-crime-wave.

Wrapped up in all those statistics is the other elephant on the beach, underage drinking that leads to accidental deaths by drowning, falling from hotel balconies and even five reports of suicide since 2013.  It makes one wonder if the people running Myrtle Beach even care about the welfare of the public as long as the revenue keeps flowing in.

I read a poll on a travel website that rated the likelihood of being a victim of crime in Myrtle Beach at 7 in 10. That is a startling number because there seems to be no indication that things will get better (or an inclination that anyone really cares).

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